Road trip: Adventureland

Marcus and I aren’t big on the whole theme park thing (except if you are referencing Wally World), but I couldn’t pass up a free trip to our local amusement park with my sis and bro-in-law this past weekend.

I went into it with low expectations considering Ev is still too small to ride most of the rollercoasters and water rides (RIP Log Ride). But I was shocked at how awesome he was while being strapped into the stroller for half a day, only getting out to get on a few kiddie rides. Homeboy loved it!

Adventureland 2015_1Adventureland 2015_2 Adventureland 2015_3

[round and around he goes: just watching the video makes me want to puke]

Adventureland 2015_4 Adventureland 2015_5Adventureland 2015_6 Adventureland 2015_8

[keep your arms and hands inside the ride at all times…]

Adventureland 2015_9

Adventureland has been around since we were kids and I definitely remember some of my trips there as a child. Since then, they’ve even added a water park portion (which we did not get to because of nap time) that I think we’ll check out in a couple of years. Definitely fun for the whole family.

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An apple a day

Who needs a trip to an apple orchard when you have one in your front yard?

After moving into our house during the dead of winter last December we were happy to find out that we had apple trees this spring. And after months of waiting (me somewhat impatiently) we got to have a few friends over this weekend to do a little picking.

IMG_0979IMG_0976IMG_0970  IMG_0978  IMG_0980 IMG_1028

Don’t have apple trees in your yard? Here are a few local places where you can go pick your own peck.

Will’s Family Orchard   |   Center Grove Orchard   |   Berry Patch Farm

While Evie was napping on Sunday, I had time to whip up an apple pie (and an extra bag of filling to put in the freezer) and it turned out delicious! I used store bought crust since nap time is only so long, but found a great tutorial on how to make a lattice crust from the inspiring food blog, The Kitchn. I enjoyed my slice topped with vanilla ice cream in bed Sunday night while watching this flick and dreaming about our upcoming trip to France.
IMG_1023 IMG_1024IMG_1029  IMG_1031 IMG_1032

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My favorite drugstore beauty finds

My daily beauty routine is pretty simple. I mean, sign me up for anything to make this mom’s life easier. So I tend to lean heavily on tried-and-true products. These are my faves:

drugstore beauty faves 2015

The Wet Brush: Post-Everett my hair seems to tangle a lot easier and this brush is the only thing that’ll get through it without me going bald.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser: Under eye puffiness/darkness is something that comes with the ‘having a kid’ territory. After reading this review I had to give it a try myself. Definitely a winner in my book.

John Frieda Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray: After noticing some outgrowth in my hair color and realizing I had zero time to make it to the salon, I grabbed this (along with the shampoo and conditioner) in a rush. I’m pleasantly surprised how well it worked and plan to keep it on hand for touch ups in the future when I’m in a bind.

Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream: New addition to my makeup bag. I first read about this miracle product here and am a convert after trying it once. I love the coverage and how light it feels on my face.

CoverGirl Mink Eyeshadow: I’ve been using this color on the reg since I first started to wear makeup and I still haven’t found anything I like better for my daily look.

Maybelline Lash Sensational: I’m constantly changing mascaras, but my recent find withstands a day full of running around, workouts and bath time splashing. It is a little hard to get off at night, but I think it has staying power.

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Don’t miss it, don’t even be late

The title of my blog is a reference to the opening song of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Broadway musical ‘State Fair’ that is based on our very own Iowa State Fair.

Every year over one million people from around the globe crowd into the grand concourse to be delighted by the state’s best in agriculture, industry, entertainment and achievement. And let’s not forget all the food on a stick!

It’s truly not to be missed, but even more so this year since we are heading into a presidential election. Candidates storm Iowa in the months leading up to the caucuses and one of their big (and heavily publicized) stops is our great state fair. Fairgoers are sure to have astonishing access and front row seats for any and all photo ops and soapbox moments.

This past weekend we made our annual pilgrimage to the fair and it did not disappoint. Having a toddler (and stroller) in tow makes for an interesting trek around the fairgrounds, but seeing it all anew through his eyes was the BEST!

Evie meets Elk [Ev meet elk] Big boar [zzzzz…what a boar]Evie does lemonade [how Evie does lemonade]Dairy Barn [a cold, creamy scoop from the Dairy Barn]Footlong [the day was complete after this as far as I’m concerned]Me with two feet [two feet of golden fried goodness] Smiles at Steer Show 2015[a little warm, but all smiles at the Governor’s Charity Steer Show]

New to the fair? Be sure to check out my tried and true Iowa State Fair to-do list.

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Back to school

While Ev still has a while before he officially starts school, I can’t help but get excited when I see all the colorful notebooks and rows of fresh supplies at our local Target. Going back to school was always such an exciting time for me growing up. Those first day jitters, the new outfits and the endless chatter with friends. Such happy memories.

In honor of the back to school shopping that I’m sure some of you are doing right now, I thought I’d put together some cute outfits that I would put together for Ev if he was heading out the doors for the schoolyard.

BackToSchool2015_1top // Wal-Mart
bottom // H&M
notebook // Mead
shoes // Gap Kids
backpack // Crewcuts
socks // Old Navy


top // Wal-Mart
bottom // H&M
cap // Stan’s Sports World
socks // Gap Kids
shoes // Target


top // Carter’s
jeans // H&M
vest // H&M
bag // Duluth Pack
crayons // Crayola
shoes // Target


book // Home by Carson Ellis
coat // H&M
shoes // Converse
top // Raygun
bottom // Zara

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Sweet corn for all

This past weekend we celebrated all things sweet corn related in our new hometown, Adel. They hold the annual Sweet Corn Festival every August and the whole town comes together to feed the masses free golden kernel goodness.

In an effort to follow through on my resolutions, I signed up for the 5K on Saturday morning. It was a misty, humid morning which made running on brick paved roads a bit of a task, but I’m happy to report I made it! There were definitely some rough moments, but I’m pleased with my time considering my lack of training.

IMG_4581 IMG_4583

After the race, I met up with Marcus, Everett and Aunt Mo to check out the parade. In between traipsing through huge puddles and taking sips of my post-race chocolate milk, Everett was most mesmerized by the line of shiny firetrucks. Beep, beep!

IMG_4592 IMG_4597 IMG_4595  IMG_4594IMG_4599

We ditched the parade early to make it around the town square and got in line early for the free sweet corn. We mowed through six buttered up ears in record time and hightailed it out of there in time to make it home for nap time. SUCCESS!

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Air trip: Park City

We are back from ANOTHER trip, but this one was different. It was our first time traveling together without our sweet little Everett in tow. Just a little test run for the big trip this fall!

We took off early Friday morning, headed for Park City, to join a bunch of our high school friends in celebrating Iain and Laura’s nuptials.

IMG_0759[Kimball Arts Festival happened to be going on too]IMG_0762 [looks weird with no snow]      IMG_0767[married in a field on a hilltop at High Star Ranch]IMG_0773[scenic doesn’t even come close to describing this location]IMG_0769 [just the two of us, in a field, waiting for a rattlesnake]IMG_0774 [DHS Class of 2002]IMG_0783 [looks like it came from a wedding blog]IMG_0786 [the newlyweds]IMG_0789 [lots of wild memories with these ladies]IMG_0792 [two handsome dudes]IMG_0793 [the dance floor]IMG_0798 [last ‘man’ standing]IMG_0799 [always smiling with this one]IMG_0801 [community yoga on Sunday morning]IMG_0802  [Artist Josee Nadeau painted during our yoga practice]IMG_0808[missing home? Log Haven was the perfect setting for dinner]IMG_0758[I’m sure he wasn’t spoiled too much…]

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