TTD DIY: Name in gold

After seeing personalized Clare Vivier clutches literally all over the internet, I came across this crafty monogram post and put a pin in it. Fast forward to present day when I finally got around to trying it out.

I snagged a faux leather wallet in a pretty lavender color from Target and figured it would be a great piece to DIY for a friend as a birthday present.

– leather pouch/wallet
fine paint brush
gold paint
X-acto knife
cutting mat
TTD DIY: monogram clutch 2I started out by printing out my monogram onto card stock paper. Using your X-act0 knife, cut out your monogram. Be sure to save the interior pieces too!

TTD DIY: monogram clutch 1

Hold or tape down the cutout card stock and carefully paint your stencil. Lift and do freehand touch ups as needed. TTD DIY: monogram clutch 3After you complete, let it dry for a few hours.TTD DIY: monogram clutch 4Pretty easy custom DIY, huh? Think you’ll give it a try? If you do, be sure to share your results with me!

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Red, white and cute

Like most holidays, my child will be the one decked out in appropriately themed gear for the week leading up to Fourth of July. Do you do that, or am I just that crazy mom?

I thought I would round up some all American kid style inspirations for the Fourth just in case you are still looking for a festive outfit (or two) for your little ones.


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

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Camp Branstad

Ever since we moved out to the acreage Marcus has been dying to have a camp out. But this past weekend we took that to the next level and hosted what will be the annual Camp Branstad. Chaos and lots of fun ensued, and I have the photos to prove it!

Our little nieces came out to the log home to spend time together learning about the great outdoors. We kept them busy with a dip in the kiddie pool, a nature scavenger hunt, tire swinging and canvas painting.

#campbranstad download in 3, 2, 1…

CampBranstad2015_10 [camp prep calls for cut off sleeves]

CampBranstad2015_4 [the quiet before the storm]

CampBranstad2015_13 [camper care packs included glo sticks, flashlights and bandanas]

CampBranstad2015_3[had to make an official camp logo and tees]

CampBranstad2015_11 [camp is about to begin – can’t wait to have Brookie out here next year!]

CampBranstad2015_6 [Sofia posing mid dip in the pool]

CampBranstad2015_7 [Bridgie, Mack and Sid perfecting their duck calls]

CampBranstad2015_8[next year we’ll get a bigger pool]

CampBranstad2015_14 [this just screams summer]

CampBranstad2015_15[hard at work]

CampBranstad2015_1 [happy campers]

CampBranstad2015_2 [so proud of the older girls who lasted ALL NIGHT in their own tent]

CampBranstad2015_5 [can you tell if this kid had a blast?]

CampBranstad2015_9 [indulged around the campfire making s’moreos]

CampBranstad2015_12[we kept storytelling on the lighter side this year]

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Obsessed: smart art

Now that we have settled into our house, we have finally started putting things up on the walls. I have been hesitant in doing so because some of the items that resided on our old walls just weren’t my style. We had put them up because we had them, not because we loved them. I’m doing my best to change this in our new home.


1 // Oana Befort: I first found of Oana when searching for a new computer background, but her darling kiddos and outdoorsy flair kept me coming back. I love her illustrations (check out her sketchbook posts) and think this woodland memory game would be the perfect gift for a little learner.

2 // Lulu King: I came across this Aussie’s art while trying to find unique deer prints to adorn our log home walls. I also love how she works with dripped paint and other such mistakes, saying “that is where the true beauty lies.”

3 // Britt Bass: I can’t exactly remember how I found Britt, but I have a feeling it was through Instagram. I was immediately drawn to her color combinations and shop dog, #ladyfanniebird. She also recently did a collab with another one of my faves, May Designs.

4 // Des Moines Arts Festival: Be sure to have this annual event on your to-do list for the weekend. I love strolling by booth after booth of creative amazingness!

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Ev + Hays

I haven’t made the trip back to Hays (where my parents are from) since I was pregnant with Everett, so it was high time to load up the car and drive the seven+ hours (obviously more with a toddler in tow) to western Kansas this past weekend.

We were heading back for a family reunion on my mom’s side, but circumstances changed when my grandma suffered a stroke before we got there. She is recovering, but has a long ways to go. If you are the praying type, please keep her in yours.

Being back there but not getting to spend much time with her definitely made for a different trip, but I’m glad we got to see her and give her hugs and kisses. I’m convinced a kiss from Evie can cure any ailment!

The nice thing about your parents growing up in the same town is that when you visit, you get to see family from both sides.

Here are a few snaps from our travels:

Hays2015-2[Haas family road trip essentials]

Hays2015-5 [fresh beans from new coffee shop, Union Station]

Hays2015-6 [no trip to Hays is complete without a snoball from Cerv’s]

Hays2015-11[baking grandma’s recipe with my Aunt Joyce]

Hays2015-9[family pool time]

Hays2015-7[small town Kansas]

Hays2015-4 [little rebel]

Hays2015-3[my new favorite picture]

Hays2015-10[evie’s new kicks]

Hays2015-8[my road warrior]

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Don’t overlook the dads! Father’s Day is this Sunday (6/21) so you best believe it’s time to start looking around for the perfect gift for the perfect dude. Here are my top 10 gift ideas for Father’s Day this year.


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

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One point five

As of last Friday our little dude is a one and a half years old. Don’t mind me quietly sobbing in the corner…

He is into everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. His favorites: dog food, dirt, water, drawers, phone charger cords. The list could go on and on. But basically anything that he’s not supposed to technically play with is on his list. Ornery and sweet as all get out and definitely ALL BOY.

As we wade into the toddler waters, here are a few of our recent must-haves:


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

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