Obsessed: classic Christmas

I’m pretty traditional when it comes to Christmastime. White lights on everything and Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra for Christmas tunes.

With a busy holiday season underway coupled with settling into a new home, I have a feeling that this year I’m stuck just dreaming of a classic Christmas. But look out next year, our log home is going to be decked to the nines!


Plaid wrapping paper: I’m loving all things plaid this season and that theme tends to continue into my holiday decor – right down to the wrapping paper.

White Christmas: A holiday season is not complete for me without sitting down to watch this timeless classic. “It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snooooowwww.”

Fresh greenery: Team fresh vs. team fake – you know which one I’m on. I prefer fresh greenery to adorn my home each year. I always snag a few of these wreaths from Home Depot on Black Friday every year.

Johnson Brothers Friendly Village china: Mark my words, someday I will own my own holiday china. Until then, I’ll just lust after this gorgeous set. Don’t you think it would look perfect in our log home?

Festive pajamas: Every year I love to wake up on Christmas morning in a pair of holiday-esqe pajamas. This year I already broke them in during Everett’s birthday party. I snagged the pair from Marshall’s then had a local embroidery store monogram them for me. (This also makes for a great inexpensive, yet thoughtful gift.)

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If you just believe

“Though I’ve grown old, the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe.”

This past weekend we celebrated Everett’s first birthday with a Polar Express themed gathering for our family.

Everett First Birthday_stripedstraws[i love paper straws]

Everett First Birthday_favors[party favors for evie’s cousins]

Everett First Birthday_homemadebaileys[breakfast isn’t complete without homemade bailey’s]

Everett First Birthday_cousinsandconductor[cousins and the conductor]

Everett First Birthday_poster[download poster PDF here]

Everett First Birthday_believebanner[believe banner from At Second Street]

Everett First Birthday_cake[pinterest inspiration coming to life]

Everett First Birthday_decorations[a beautiful background for a birthday party]

Everett First Birthday_hotchocolatebar[all the hot chocolate bar fixins’]

Everett First Birthday_ticketcookies[amazing cookies from Confections by Kelly]

Everett First Birthday_sled[evie’s first sled – personalized, of course]

Everett First Birthday_family[one big pajama party]

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Twelve months

Happy birthday to my sweet little man. You are our greatest blessing.
One year down, a lifetime to go.

And now, a year in the life of Everett in photos.


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Life lately

Things have been quite busy around here over the past few weeks. We are doing some work on the new log home and are planning to start moving items in this weekend. Add to that the regular holiday season hustle and bustle and I’m lucky I even have time to snap a few photos.

hand lettering for the holidays[practicing a little hand lettering for the holidays – hope to do more of this in the new year]

picking out the treet[a special moment at the tree farm]

log homes first wreath[our log home’s first wreath]

bridesmaid bouquet[the most amazing bridesmaid bouquet for my bestie’s wedding last weekend]

their very own log cabin[their very own log cabin!]

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http://www.restorationhardware.com/catalog/product/product.jsp?productId=prod2701374&categoryId=cat2600137wallet / wet brush / suction bowls / body butter / initial bracelet
phone case / cashmere scuffs / mittens / charging cord /camo bandages




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Gift guide 2014: LITTLE ONES

It’s hard to believe that our little guy will already be celebrating his second Christmas with us this year. With his birthday being so close to the holidays, I’m acutely aware of just how much “stuff” is coming through the doors. In an attempt to not go overboard, we have decided to adopt the four present policy at our house – something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. Here is what Everett is getting this year:

4gifts2014want / need / wear (similar) / read

Still needing ideas for the little ones in your life? Look no further:


charley harper dinner set / little people nativity / cowboy boots / book
art easel / socks / bla bla kids finger puppets / felt grocery basket

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Mommy mind: the first year


Everett turns one next week. How is this humanly possible?

This past year has been filled with so many firsts for me as a parent and mother. But waking up and realizing that in a few short days my baby boy is going to be one is very bittersweet. My heart swells with pride over the beautiful child my husband and I created, yet I still somehow have a hard time grasping it all.

From the belly laughs to the tearful tantrums, our lives have been forever changed. For the good.

Making the choice to bring a child into this world is something that I did not take lightly. To me it is both selfish and selfless. He will forever be mine, but I will forever be his.

I love you Everett Meyer.

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