Mommy mind: what’s in my [diaper] bag

I’m a sucker for the article in US Weekly where celebs open up their obscenely-priced purses to show us what they really tote around all day. Heck, I’ve even done a post about my bag’s contents in the past.

That was pre-baby and this is now. My “necessities” have drastically changed, so I thought I would share what I now haul around when out and about with the little man.

whats in my diaper bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack (similar): I originally had a typical diaper bag, but have since traded it in for a backpack style. I find it easier to have both of my hands and arms free when schlepping gear and chasing down Everett before he can get to the nearest set of stairs.

BabyGap hoodie (similar): Iowa weather is so strange (and my kid usually runs warm), but you never know when it might rain or if someone will have their A/C blasting indoors. A hoodie in the bag does the trick in case Ev gets cold.

Skip Hop changing station: This is just a must have. Diapers and wipes tucked inside and a nice, large mat to lay out when changing on the go – like in the back of the car!

Distracting toy: Everett is quite the squirmer, especially during diaper changes. This goofy looking guy is our go-to toy to wave in his face during diaper changes. On a good day, it gives me an extra 3.5 seconds.

Aden+Anais burpy bib: I’m obsessed with these and have been since day one. So soft and has been known to double as a stand-in lovie.

Happy Tot pouches: When on-the-go during mealtime, I find that it’s easier to forgo the homemade puree route and sub in these tasty packs.

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Nine months

9MosEvie’s faves:

eating everything (even his first taste of venison!)
not sitting still during diaper change time


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It’s sold


WE SOLD OUR CONDO! I am still in shock that is sold so quickly, but glad because keeping the place clean with our roaming little guy was getting tougher by the day.

That being said, I am now in panic mode because our closing date is in a month from yesterday. Yes, October 7. And guess what? We don’t have a house to move to yet. Ha ha. So fun.

I know my prayer to St. Joseph helped us sell our place and I’m sure the few hundred prayers I will be saying over the next 30 days will help us end up where we are meant to be.

Happy Monday!

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Mo’s fall fest

In honor of my little sister’s birthday today, she has been recruited to list her fall obsessions. (Just like last year.) Break it down Aunt Mo.

YOU GUYS. I’M BACK. Round two of my Fall Faves. I know you were all waiting for it.

Last year was all about PSL, cozy sweaters & new pairs of boots. While I’m sure those things won’t be in short supply this year, my focus has turned to the most important thing in my life – family. I’ll have a new niece to add to the crew (CAN’T WAIT!), my favorite little man, Ev, will hopefully start walking soon & I’m sure Sidney will keep us all in stitches from the stories she tells.

While I enjoy the greatness that is FALL with my family, here’s what I’ll be wearing & rocking out to:


FASHION: A few items that have caught my eye.
1.Who says you have to be going back to school to rock a backpack
2. Pretty sure I’d live in this
3. Channeling my inner witchy woman.

BEAUTY: While summer calls for sun-kissed skin and minimal makeup, I’m excited for bold brows and lipstick.
1. I have way too many lip products but one more won’t hurt, right? 

2. Time to branch out from the brown & black staples.
3. All the beauty Youtubers rave about it so I think I’ll give it a try.

MUSIC: I’m serious about my jams.
1. Ed Sheeran: I’ve followed his rise to fame and just saw him in concert for the 2nd time with my brother-in-law, Jim. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard ‘The A-Team’ or ‘Sing’, I recommend checking out my personal favorite, ‘Thinking Out Loud’.
2. Hozier: With an album release slated for sometime this September, you’ll have to settle for listening to the EPs for now. Start out with ‘Take Me to Church’ and ‘Like Real People Do’.
3. Brandi Carlile: I was introduced to her a couple years ago by my best friend, Emily (thanks Em!). I have to warn you, her voice will hit you like a ton of bricks – lots of feelings. Some of my favorites are: ‘That Wasn’t Me’, ‘My Song’, and ‘100’.

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Labor free weekend

This past weekend signaled the end of another summer. Our first as a family of three. Lots of happenings in our hood these days, so thought I would share a few with you.

Evie on GameDay[ev was prepared for game day - thanks auntie Marissa]

Last Day at pool[last trip to the pool this season]

St. Joseph[pulling out all the stops - thanks Adrianne!]

casserole[it's definitely starting to feel like casserole season and this did not disappoint]

And then there’s this…


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Yes, that was an audible gasp. Which is exactly what I did whilst chatting with my local Starbucks barista this past weekend when she informed me that they would no longer be serving their delectable pumpkin scones during the fall months.

I am still in denial. No more moist, all-spicy goodness that I allow as a breakfast food even though it’s closer to a dessert? No, my Sbux wouldn’t do that to me.

But, if this is indeed the case, I need to have a back-up plan in place in the form of a homemade version. After doing a quick Google search, I realized local food blogger, Kristin of Iowa Girl Eats, has a clone recipe on her site. Perfect!

StarbucksPumpkinScones_IowaGirlEats[can't wait to try this recipe out!]

In the mood for a little early pumpkin treat? Starbucks is releasing its’ Pumpkin Spice Latte for customers who have done a little leg work. After decoding the clues and figuring out the secret code via The Real PSL site, you can put #PSL back on the menu at your local Starbys today.

psl[she's ready: my sis sent me this pic just this morning]

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Obsessed: back to school

A lot of kids headed back to the hallways today. And while Everett isn’t anywhere near going to school (thank goodness), it’s still hard walking the aisles of Target. The giddy school girl part of me wants to pick up a pack of Crayola markers and a few glue sticks. And maybe a new backpack while I’m at it.

In lieu of coming home with sacks full of items I don’t need, I’ve decided to share a few things I would purchase for myself if I was heading back to the classroom.


Colorful pens: The Signo has been my go-to pen for quite a while, and this multi-hued set is perfect for all that note taking.

Personalized agenda: I first found out about these agendas a couple of years ago, and haven’t looked back. My favorite part (besides the monogram, obvi) is that the color combos are endless!

A cool lunch box: Practical and not a cartoon character in sight. Just my type.

Custom Nike shoes: Stand out from the crowd with a pair of new kicks no one else will have. Pricey, but personalized.

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